Neighborhood Eats: Sugar Coated Radical Moves To The Old Fourth Ward

New business brings extra sugar to the neighborhood

Last Sunday, Sugar Coated Radical hosted its first Bakery Sunday in a new location at 108 Howell St. Petite coffee cakes, sugared brioche, chorizo empanadas and lemon curd shortbread were just a few of the offerings on their ever-changing menu.

Sugar Coated Radical completed the move from their Virginia-Highland location last Friday. When asked about the change and reception from her new neighborhood, owner Taria Camerino was enthusiastic.

“The neighborhood has been great!” she said. “Lots of new people are walking in.”

The new location is bringing in old fans as well.

“I’ve been following them from the early days,” says Angel Poventud, a Midtown resident. “I love passionate business owners like Taria. I’m grateful that there are people who put their heart into the business and the community.”

Although she’s new to the neighborhood, Camerino is already collaborating with other local businesses. She’s and will be at this Friday’s opening at Whitespace Gallery, creating chocolates with a flavor profile that compliments the artworks.

Said Whitespace owner Susan Bridges: “Taria stops in all the time. She did some chocolates for a summer opening but this is the first one this fall. We’re really excited to have Sugar Coated Radical here and have some more of those delicious treats.”

Though Sugar Coated Radical is less than a year old the business has already received acclaim. "Top Chef" winner Richard Blais told the Wall Street Journal that their chocolates were among his favorite Atlanta things.

Camerino already has plans to expand the new space. “This fall we’re going to add seating to the sidewalk and do pastry service in the evenings. We’ll make an enclosure with lights…it’ll be a nice place to sit and talk on the weekends.”


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