Neighborhood Eats: New Chef Stirs The Sauce(d) In Inman Park

Taria Camerino of Sugar-Coated Radical brings her pastry skills to Sauced

Step through the threshold of and the first thing you will notice is the comfortable 70’s living room vibe. These days, the last things you’ll experience are the new desserts by Taria Camerino which are anything but dated.

Chocolate paté using 61 percent Venezuelan chocolate and grilled brioche and fresh chèvre cheesecake with figs, urban honey, and thyme confit are just a few of Camerino's creations.

The new dessert menu stays true to Sauced’s American comfort food roots, with items like a "nice cream sundae." Camerino also makes a vegan dessert every Sunday, a nod to the vegan clientele that has followed Sauced-owner Ria Pell from her other restaurant, Ria’s Bluebird.

Pell brought Camerino on as head pastry chef in mid-August. Pell and Camerino had never met before despite having worked at many of the same restaurants, sometimes at the same time. When they finally met, the interview turned into an afternoon of conversation and an instant connection.

The resulting collaboration has both chefs raving. Said Pell: “When we introduced Taria’s desserts to the servers, they were speechless. This is a big change. Before, the desserts were homey. Now they’re made with artisan chocolate and are more inventive. They’re more savory rather than super-sweet.”

Camerino just as bullish about the partnership.

“Ria is a pleasure to work for,” said Camerino. “I’m really enjoying the collaboration. I love the food at Sauced. It’s a lot of fun and it’s wonderful to support another small business trying to make genius where it can be made. It’s part of building community.”

Camerino’s chocolate shop, Sugar-Coated Radical, has recently moved to Inman Park and is located a few blocks away from Sauced. Sauced’s dessert menu features SCR’s chocolates.

When asked if Sugar-Coated Radical would be carrying Sauced items as well Camerino replied, “I don’t think we can but if we could… it’d be the biscuits with sorghum butter. I can’t make biscuits like Ria but I wish I could. I love those biscuits!”


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