Make Sandwiches, Not Hate

Urban Cannibals Bodega + Bites owners answer Chick-fil-A's anti-gay marriage stand with a "Two Chicks-Fil-A" brunch special and event.

East Atlanta-based owners Chef Calavino Donati and her wife, musician and activist Doria Roberts, are answering the anti-gay marriage stance of Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy with a chicken and biscuit themed special event called "Urban Cannibals Bite Back."

The event at their at their food grocery and deli July 21 and 22, follows the unexpected global support of her viral Twitter hashtag #ThisIsWhatALesbianLooksLike in response to Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's remarks amid an alleged lesbian extramarital affair scandal.

Carroll denied all reports but then added: "Black women who look like me don't usually engage in [lesbian relationships]."

Roberts took to the Twitter-sphere with the hashtag as a protest of the statement. Her tweet was immediately picked up by a Huffington Post blog, which then created a gallery of photos sent in from women as far away as Norway in a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, Donati was following the Chick-fil-A story and felt they should do something in response to that as well.

"I was sitting there watching these outrageous and hateful things being said by fairly powerful people and thought they shouldn't just get away with it," Donati said. "I looked over at Doria, laughed and said 'We should do a Two-Chicks-Fil-A special this weekend!' And, so we are."

Along with their daily menu and brunch offerings, there is a special "Two-Chicks" menu (see below) that will be comprised of riffs on Chick-fil-A's Club and Deluxe sandwiches along with their famously addicitive chicken and biscuits featuring Urban Cannibals' housemade biscuits.

Vegetarians will be able to substitute with oven fried organic local tofu and vegans will be able to have vegan biscuits. Special guest servers will be on hand and a portion of the proceeds from the special menu will be donated to a local LGBT organization.

The couple says, "We've all been absorbing a lot of bullying lately from people who have the loudest microphones and so we're just pushing back a little bit the only we know how: through our food, friends and our fan base. We want to focus on the people and communities who support us no matter what and have a little fun doing it."

If you go: Urban Cannibals Bites Back! "Two-Chicks-Fil-A" Special Event will be held at Urban Cannibals Bodega + Bites, 477 Flat Shoals Ave. SE, in East Atlanta Village on July 21 and 22 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Menu:

  • Two-Chicks-Fil-A: A lightly battered, oven fried chicken breast   on a buttered roll w/dill pickles.
  • Two-Chicks-Fil-A Deluxe: A lightly battered, oven fried chicken breast on a buttered roll w/dill pickles, organic spring mix, tomato and melted American cheese.
  • Two "Spicy" Chicks: Deluxe w/Bodega Bumble Mustard and Bodega Mayo.
  • Two-Chicks Cannibal Club: Grilled chicken breast, maple mayo, provolone, organic spring mix, applewood smoked bacon, tomato and dill pickles.
  • Two-Chicks Chicken n' Biscuit: Housemade buttermilk biscuits with a lightly battered oven fried chicken breast.
  • Two-Chicks Chicken, Egg n' Cheese Biscuit: Oven fried chicken breast, fried egg and melted American cheese with maple mayo on a housemade buttermilk biscuit.


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