Kirkwood Bar & Grill Gets '66' On Health Inspection Report

Embattled restaurant, cited for number of repeat violations, must fix all by June 7th.

The , whose owner is embroiled in several controversies with his Kirkwood neighbors, can add another problem to his list: A failed health inspection.

The restaurant received a score of 66, or U for unsatisfactory, following a May 23rd inspection by the DeKalb County Board of Health food service establishment inspector.

The restaurant was cited for several violations of the health code, including several repeat offenses.

One repeat offense — which restaurant officials corrected onsite — was a side door the inspector found that was left open. The risk there is that an open door allows vermin, such as insects and rodents as well as other animals to enter the restaurant. Health code says doors are to be closed at all times.

Among the inspector's other findings:

  • Not in compliance: Person in charge present, demonstrates knowledge, and performs duties (repeat violation)
  • Not in compliance: Adequate hand washing facilities supplied & accessible (repeat violation)
  • Not in compliance: Approved thawing methods used
  • Not in compliance: Proper cold holding temperature (repeat violation)

The this latest report is a follow-up to an April 24th inspection where the Kirkwood Bar & Grill received a 74, which is a C, according to the state health department's scoring system.

Because the restaurant received a "U" — a score below 69 — the county's health department will do another follow-up inspection June 7th.

The law states that any food service establishment that is graded as a “U” and does not earn at least a grade “C” within 10 business days of receiving the “U” will be asked to close voluntarily until all the violations are addressed or the county will seek to suspend or revoke its food service permit.

When contacted by telephone for comment Wednesday, David Johnson, the Kirkwood Bar & Grill's owner, hung up the phone.


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