Friends, Neighbors Raise Money for Intown Healthy Hound

Communities show support following food theft.

Immediately after in dog food from their Chosewood Park storage warehouse, the owners of Intown Healthy Hound were flooded with concerned customers, neighbors and friends wanting to know how they could help.

The 20,000 pounds of dog food that was stolen would carry sales for several months at the Grant Park store.

But Bridget Galloway, who owns the store with her husband, said the company that makes the Chef's Pet Express branded food for the Intown Healthy Hound, doesn't have enough on hand to fill void left by the theft.

So Grant Park and friends from surrounding communities have created a fund to help the store stay in business.

The fund has collected more than $2,000 in donations from some 60 people, so far.

Atlanta police continue to investigate the case and you are urged to call 911 promptly if anyone attempts to sell you dog food from their car, as was the case recently in East Atlanta.


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