AT&T Door-To-Door Reps May Be Con Men

Inman Park residents report two men posing as phone reps making door-to-door calls.

A pair of men claiming to be AT&T representatives hit the Inman Park neighborhood Monday afternoon, telling residents they wanted to discuss a new service.

In one instance, as one resident explained on the Inman Park neighborhood listserv, a man came to a home Monday afternoon dressed in a skullcap and an AT&T vest to tout a new service.

The man came back later that evening with another man, also dressed in an AT&T vest to the same home to make the same pitch. In another instance, one of the men went to another home in the neighborhood with a pitch about AT&T switching Inman Park to fiber optics though he offered few details.

AT&T has been reaching out to its customers through door-to-door efforts for several months to sell the company's U-Verse service, spokeswoman Emily J. Edmonds told East Atlanta Patch. Those salespeople are not direct AT&T employees; they're called "AT&T Solution Providers" and are contracted through a third-party vendor.

Edmonds, who alerted AT&T's security team after being contacted by Patch, said it's not entirely clear if the man the first instance was connected to AT&T. In the second instance, the men may have been contracted salesmen, she said, adding the security team is investigating.

Edmonds also shared these tips customers should keep in mind when dealing with AT&T employees:

  • The only reason an AT&T technician would be on a customer’s property is if the customer has placed an order or reported trouble. AT&T does not enter a residence during these visits, unless the customer asks us to.
  • If AT&T needs access to work inside a residence, our policy is to ALWAYS telephone the customer ahead of time to request permission and to verify a convenient time when they will be home. A technician should not show up unexpectedly.
  • All AT&T technicians drive company vehicles with the AT&T logo on the side and all of them wear company provided uniforms with the AT&T logo on them.  In addition, all AT&T techs are instructed to show their AT&T ID badge when they meet a customer.
  • If a customer isn’t aware of a reason that a technician would need to work inside the home, ask the person outside your door to show you their company photo ID and tell you their employee ID number. If you are still unsure of their identity, please call our toll-free repair hotline to verify at 800-515-7272.

As for AT&T Solution Providers:

  • All reps must have an AT&T Solution Providers ID. These are authorized AT&T Solutions Providers and not AT&T employees; therefore they will NOT have an AT&T vehicle.
  • AT&T Solution Providers clothing is optional (at the vendor’s discretion).
  • They typically knock Monday-Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, and typically knock between 11 am – 8 pm local time (in accordance with any local requirements).
  • AT&T Solution Providers are never supposed to enter a residence (except under limited extreme weather conditions as outlined in the policy manual for safety purposes – visible lightning, tornadoes, frozen participation, temperatures at or below 32 degrees, extreme heat temperatures greater than 100 degrees, etc.). For the above exceptions they MUST be invited in by the customer and must note on any order form that they entered the customer’s home.
  • If any customer is concerned about the validity of an AT&T Solutions Provider, they should state that they are not interested and shut the door (our Solution Provider Agents are expected to be respectful, courteous, and leave the customer’s premise). If still concerned, the customer should call 1-800-288-2020 to report their concern to AT&T.


Eric Torbenson December 29, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Same scam now underway in Candler Park - two men (black) approach house, said AT&T was "doing work in the area" tried to ask us about what Comcast had for us. Clearly casing the house and neighborhood - had no business cards or AT&T promotional material for UVerse or AT&T's products. We're on Josephine Street in Candler Park. Be aware. 12/28/12
Ann J January 22, 2013 at 10:33 AM
Well, a WHITE FEMALE with BLOND HAIR came to my home today in Texas!!! Guess being a cutesy white girl makes her more legit but I made sure to call police. I live in an upscale residential area that has a no solicitation policy. I am shocked and pissed ATT chooses to do business this way especially in this day and age of scams and break ins EVEN IN NICE NEIGHBORHOODS!!!! I mentioned this chicks race because of the previous post... PEOPLE OF ALL RACES RUN SCAMS AND STEAL... not just black men.
cwalters April 12, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Hey guys. AT&T does contract third party vendors like EMC or PIC and they go door to door promoting the U-verse service. These people DO work for AT&T and are contracted to visit current AT&T customers as well as non-AT&T customers when AT&T lays fiberoptics lights up a new DA. They come around as soon as the Uverse service is made available. They are NOT con men they are out to answer service questions and set up installation dates to upgrade existing customers, and pitch non AT&T customers. Check for badges and ask them why they are in the area and they will answer any questions you may have. They are there to do a job. Please set aside the irrational paranoia and don't go calling the police on people trying to do their job. Always be cautious and report suspicious activity, but please don't be irrational and give someone a hard time just because you insist on being ignorant. Their jobs are hard enough


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