Failing Inspection Forces Closure of Restaurant in Fulton Government Building

The Chambers Café is closed until violations are abated.

The Fulton County Department of Health Services' Division of Environmental Health Services closed the Chambers Café Monday, the contracted food service eatery that operates in the Fulton County Government Center.

The closure follows an inspection that was conducted following a complaint health officials received.

The Chambers Café received a '59' or 'U' with 17 including two that are risks for food-bourne illnesses:

  • Proper eating, tasting, drinking, or tobacco use (food-bourne illness risk)
  • Adequate handwashing facilities supplied & accessible (food-bourne illness risk)
  • Food stored covered
  • Food-contact surfaces; cleaned & sanitized
  • Proper cold holding temperature
  • Proper date marking and disposition
  • Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used
  • Food properly labeled; original container; required records available; shellstock tags
  • Thermometers provided and accurate
  • Contamination prevented during food preparation, storage display (two violations)
  • Wiping cloths; properly used and stored
  • Posted: Permit/Inspection/Choking Poster/Handwashing
  • Single-use/single-service articles; properly stored, used
  • Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used
  • Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean
  • Insects, rodents, and animals not present

"We take food safety very seriously, even in our own facilities. No one is exempt," Patrice Harris, the health services director.

Employees and citizens conducting business in the Government Center will not be able to access food services from the establishment until all violations are resolved.


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