An Explanation Behind the Power Outages

Georgia Power explains the causes behind power failures.

If you've lived in southeast Atlanta for any length of time, it's likely you've suffered a power outage or two.

And while the prevailing viewpoint has been that the southeastern quadrant of the city seems to sufffer more than other sections of Atlanta, says that's not the case.

East Atlanta Patch went to Georgia Power's offices last week in Old Fourth Ward to tour the company's command center, which oversees all of its operations, monitors weather and storm activity and alerts personnel to any outages.

We spoke with Aaron Strickland about the issues facing southeast Atlanta and what contributes to the power failures and steps residents should take when the see a downed line.

While storms get a lot of the blame for outages, the bigger culprits are squirrels, snakes and trees that just happen to fall.

Watch our video to see our interview with Strickland.


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