Would You Spend $100 for a Pizza Pie?

East Atlanta's Asylum restaurant has a pizza pie on the menu for $100.

To some folks, you'd have to be nuts to pay $100 for a 12-inch pizza pie.

Perhaps it's fitting, then, that the "Crazy Capobianco" pizza is one of the offerings at Asylum, the restaurant and bar that opened July 13 in the old Echo Lounge-turned-Icehouse space in East Atlanta Village.

Named for Franky Capobianco, Asylum's chef, the pie is his brainchild, Jonathan Hammond, the restaurant's general manager, told East Atlanta Patch.

Capobianco, a New Orleans native, was the chef for Nawlin's, the now-closed eatery that operated in My Sister's Room, the EAV's lesbian bar.

" 'It's called the Asylum, so we should do something crazy,' " Hammond recounted Capobianco as saying.

So the meal was born with an ingredients list so decadent as to make Dionysus or Henry VIII blush:

  • Champagne-infused caviar
  • Lobster tail marinated in cognac
  • Prosciutto
  • Seared duck breast drizzled with "vintage" balsamic vinegar and white truffle oil
  • A dusting of edible 24-karat gold flakes

So far, no one has plunked down $100 for the experience, Hammond told Patch.

In truth, a $100 might be considered cheap by some standards.

Restaurants around the world have offered a number of high-priced treats from $1,000 pizzas and $1,000 ice cream sundaes in New York, to $12,500 steak and mushroom pies in the United Kingdom and $138 for duck feet in Australia.

The BrewDog, a Scotland-based craft beer company, offers an "End of History" beer, a Belgian ale that costs between $800 and $1,100 per bottle.

Each comes wrapped in taxidermied road kill such as squirrels.


Amy Witt July 27, 2012 at 02:17 PM
I cannot imagine paying $100 for a pizza.... it seems ridiculous to me.


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