What is retirement and what to do in retirement?

Too often people are so confused about what they really want to do in retirement that they cannot decide for themselves.

What is retirement”- The answer is very different and personal.

In truth retirement can be considered anything a person wants it to be. The choices are boundless! The freedom to choose “what is retirement” is the most powerful and important part of retirement. People entering retirement can design and create their new retirement life that is so much fun, so prosperous, and so rewarding that they get a new lease on life. They can experience the wonders and energy of childhood, with the wisdom and experience of age. What a

Why do so many people needlessly struggle with retirement?
Too often people are so confused about what they really want to do in retirement that they cannot decide for themselves. Making the best decisions for retirement frequently becomes a complicated and stressful process. The pressures, the expectations and the obligations imposed by family, friends or coworkers, too often overwhelm people considering retirement into making too many bad choices for all of the wrong reasons. They let others make their retirement decisions for them. Thus, they give away the greatest gift retirement offers, their freedom to choose their own lives. The one person who is too often left out of the retirement decision process is the retiring person. When they allow others to decide their retirement for them, then retirement turns into something that is stressful, unsatisfying, unhealthy, distasteful, and even boring.

Why is engaging a retirement coach so valuable?

Why pay someone to do what your friends or loved ones would do for

Your retirement coach will be the one and only person to assist you to become “The World’s Leading Expert On You.” The greatest mystery in the world is ourselves! One of the most powerful myths is that we think we know ourselves, or even more disturbing that we “should” know ourselves, especially as we get older. Not true. As we grow older we do not become more aware of ourselves, as we think we do. In fact we change more that we know, but we rarely recognize or understand these changes. Your retirement coach helps you turn confusion into clarity, convert frustrations into enthusiasm, and eliminate stress to generate real

A retirement coach will make sure you create the best retirement

Your retirement coach will be your secret partner to assist you to create your retirement to fully suit you on your terms. Your retirement coach will focus totally on you. You will become the absolute center of attention. Your coach will NOT judge you, direct you, manipulate you, or criticize you. You coach will reveal you to you with total support and in complete confidence. The only agenda your retirement coach has will be your agenda to get your best retirement. You and your coach will work as a team to develop your retirement life to fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your values and maximize the many hidden talents you will discover. Only your desires will be considered. By doing so you will then be very clear about all of your retirement choices and will make the best retirement choices for you.

Have fun!

By Bill Dueease

President, The Coach Connection



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