Burns Like Fire Put on a Smoking Show

Athens punk rockers played two shows in Atlanta last week.

by Eric Antell

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, Athens-based punk band Burns Like Fire played a very high energy show, in Atlanta, at the Drunken Unicorn.

The band returned Jan. 12 to play at the Masquerade.

From the minute they hit the stage and the mics were on, these 4 Athens punk rockers were there to entertain and play a high energy set.

For around 45 odd minutes, the band belted out one song after another, with a spastic stage show rarely seen these days. In between songs they were either full of "over the top" shenanigans or the exact opposite.

I got an interview with Burns Like Fire, which will be forthcoming.

Mr. Antell, an East Atlanta-based musician, is the drummer of the Antagonizers ATL and heads up promotions and the "Street Team" for Atlanta-based Dirty South Booking.


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