NPU-O Meeting Scheduled for Jan. 22

Leadership nominations, zoning and alcohol issues on the agenda.

Neighborhood Planning Unit-OP meets tonight, Jan. 22, at 6:30 p.m. at the Branham Recreation Center, 2051 Delano Dr. NE.

We will be nominating and electing a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and an Atlanta Planning Advisory Board representative.

Let me be blunt. If more do not participate and step up to lead you will be abdicating NPU-O's role representing the community and essentially giving City of Atlanta government free reign to do as they will without input or oversight from the neighborhoods it impacts.The choice is yours!

Besides the usual informative Public Safety, Council, and City Department reports the following items are on the agenda for votes:

Zoning (For Vote)

  • Z-12-049: 2131-2137 College Ave. and 364 and 370 Murray Hill Ave. (Kirkwood). Re-Zoning from C-1 to R-4A. Agent Weslee Knapp.
  • V-12-212: 176 Flora Avenue (Edgewood).  Side yard setback reduction from required 7' to 1.8' for installation of a utility shed.Agent Robert Reed.
  • U-12-25: 1685 Memorial/225 Clifton St. SE (Kirkwood). Special Use Permit allowing outdoor sales where otherwise not permitted. Agent Abdul El Amin. 

Alcohol & Festival Permitting (For Vote)

  • 2051 Delano Drive — Branham Park — Kirkwood Spring Fling Festival Permit (Kirkwood) Agent Jeff Childers, Kirkwood Neighbors' Organization president.
  • 2051 Delano Drive (Branham Park)  Kirkwood Spring Fling, One Day Non-Profit Beer & Wine Permit  (Kirkwood) Agent Jeff Childers, KNO President.
  • 2315 Glenwood Glenwood Foodmart (East Lake) Beer & Wine Change of Agent. Agent Narender Kaur.

City Legislation (For Vote)

  • Outdoor Sales  12-O-1604 / Z-12-42 Creates "Outdoor Sales" as a permitted use in C-1 Zoning. Allows sale from vehicles, constructed canopies, enclosed tents less than 200 square feet or any canopy less than 400 square feet. No building permits required including for constructed canopies less than 400 square feet.

Mr. Williamson is chairman of NPU-O, which advocates for the interests of the neighborhoods of East Lake, Kirkwood, Edgewood and the Villages of East Lake.


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