No Blues For Georgia Attorney General With Ria's Bluebird In Grant Park

Meeting conflict left party pressed for time

Ria's Bluebird in Grant Park is better known for its flapjacks than political flaps.

But the neighborhood favorite found itself in a minor Twitter frenzy Friday following a Tweet suggesting Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens left in a huff after being asked to sign-in.

Here is the tweet that started it all from @ATKII:

AG Olens just walked out of Ria's because they asked him to sign in. Weird. #gapol

Turns out, it's not that dramatic.

Olens and his party wanted to sit inside where the air conditioning was. (It has been hot as Hades, after all.)

Unfortunately, that meant a wait, which wasn't feasible because one member of his party had a meeting to go to after the lunch, Lauren Kane, the AG's spokeswoman, told East Atlanta Patch.

She ought to know: She was there.

"We wanted to sit inside, there were no seats so we made the decision to go next door," Kane said. "You don't always have time to wait."


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