Meet Your New Graffiti Abatement Officer

Old Fourth Ward, Downtown residents meet new officer tasked with graffiti control.

Atlanta Police Department Officer Brad Etterle, the new graffiti abatement officer, began making the rounds last week to meet with neighborhood associations.

Etterle, who met with the neighborhoods of Neighborhood Planning Unit-M last week, is APD's enforcement arm of the Mayor’s Graffiti Task Force.

The Graffiti Task Force was formed to deal with the graffititha has been a nuisance in many in-town neighborhoods, incuding Old Fourth Ward.

Etterle, who joined APD in 2008, replaced Officer Ari Bleifeld.

Bleifeld is now part of APD’s APEX Unit, which specializes in identifying and targeting violent crime trends throughout the city.

If you see graffiti vandals in progress: 

  1. Call 911 so an officer can be sent out to the scene.
  2. Call your local Zone if you want to file a vandalism report following the vandalism of your own personal property. East Atlanta Patch is covered by:
    1. Zone 3: 404.624.0674
    2. Zone 5: 404.658.7054
    3. Zone 6: 404.371.5002
  3. Officer Etterle's e-mail is: bdetterle@atlantaga.gov.
  4. His numbers are: office: 404.546.7516 and eFax: 404-546-9811.
sweetiepie January 03, 2013 at 05:53 PM
hope he is aware of crimes that really hurt people, not wasting too much tax money on this bullshit. look for taggers WHILE looking for real dangerous crimes. thought there wasnt money for popo, this is wasteful. should be first position to go. no cops come to grant park while groups of preschool kids teacher calls because dangerous man bothering them, popo too busy with this, real bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sweetiepie January 03, 2013 at 06:01 PM
oh and th popo never showed up at grant park, while told lils were in danger by bad guy. we had to leave. guess child safety isnt a priority, but child arrests are
Rodney April 27, 2013 at 06:12 AM
sweetiepie you need to go back to school.


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