Lamb Chomps vs. Kudzu (The Lambs Are Winning)

East Lake Community Learning Garden uses sheep and a goat to get rid of kudzu and other invasive plants

The lone cowbell ringing at the corner of Second Avenue and Hosea L. Williams Drive in East Lake signals the chomp, chomp, chomping of a goat and several sheep munching their way through vines of kudzu and other invasive plants and weeds on this lot-turned-community garden.

The flock of sheep, who belong to Brian Cash of Decatur, and his company, Ewe-Niversally Green, have been traveling metro Atlanta as sort of natural lawn mowers that also fertilize.

They came Sunday as part of the official opening of the East Lake Community Learning Garden, which will serve as the community's focal point for all things horticulture, said Khari Diopp, the community environmental educator at the Southeastern Horticultural Society, which helps establish such projects.

On Wednesday, he met with a group of children from East Lake Elementary School to explain the benefits of community gardens and the wonders of growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Diopp also took a few moments to talk with EastAtlanta.Patch.com to discuss the community garden philosophy. He shared his thoughts on the accompanying video.


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