Hike & Seek Fun Saturday at Piedmont Park

This 1.5 mile hiking adventure will connect children with nature through five adventurous Stop & Study stations.

Staff Report

Experience a fantastic fall adventure with your friends and family by participating in Saturday’s National Wildlife Federation’s Hike & Seek at Piedmont Park.

A cross between a nature hike and a scavenger hunt, Hike & Seek brings families and friends together for fresh air and fun. It doesn’t matter if you have not hiked in years or have no experience at all – adventurers of all ages are welcome.

The 189-acre Midtown park will host its second annual Hike & Seek on Saturday, Oct. 27 beginning at 9 a.m. This 1.5 mile hiking adventure will connect children with nature through five adventurous Stop & Study stations.

By trading screen time for green time, this go-at-your-own-pace event will surely create a lasting impression and promote a healthy lifestyle for kids of all ages.

Make plans to explore an oasis in the heart of Midtown that includes trails, wetlands and some of the oldest and most valuable collection of trees in the city. For more information and to register, see here.


Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE)

Meet at Base Camp to see some of these friendly animals presented by AWARE:

  • Mary Shelli the box turtle
  • Sebastian the opossum
  • Windy the beautiful barn owl
  • Koko the red-tailed hawk
  • Ellis the screech owl

Promotional Partner, REI

  • REI will host their adventurous PEAK maze. PEAK is a hands-on, interactive program where children are taught to have fun outside while practicing responsible outdoor recreation. There will be 7 tents representing the 7 Leave No Trace principles: know before you go; choose the right path; pack your trash; leave what you find; be careful with fire; respect wildlife; and be kind to other visitors. Each tent will have a question with two answers: one the correct choice and the other the incorrect option. The correct answer to the question will lead the participant to the next tent and so on; the incorrect answer will send them on a wild goose chase. Upon completion of the maze the participant will receive a prize.


Plant Station

Plants are key components of the eco-system – the foundational aspect for which both humans and wildlife depend. At this station, your kids will have the opportunity to take different surrounding plant parts and create a take-home solar print to help with identification. When left in the sun, the paper will change color and move from blue to white!

Insect Station

Insects come in all shapes and sizes and play an important role in our environment. At this station, children can make a bug box to observe what critters live around them and what homes they need to survive.

Bird Station

Birds as a species group are one of the largest, and each type of bird has different ways in which it eats. By using common household items they will replicate bird songs, and will learn the call of the wild.

Reptiles Station

Ever wonder what the difference is between turtles and tortoises? At this station, children can follow the turtle trail and hunt for eggs. Fun facts and questions lie within each egg. Collect four and get a turtle sticker. Ever heard of a pet rock? What about a pet rock turtle? Get creative and paint your own!

Mammals Station

Mammals as a species are very diverse in nature. Did you know that dolphins and bats use objects to “bounce” off their communications to identify objects and talk? During this echolocation activity, kids will be able to play “telephone” and communicate with each other through a series of tubing.


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