Atlanta Regional Commission to Review 800 Glenwood Ave. Project

While not binding on the final outcome, the ARC does have significant clout.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Atlanta Regional Commission announced it will conduct an Area Plan Review of the 800 Glenwood Place application.

This is similar to a Development of Regional Impact study, but without the weight of withholding Georgia Regional Transportation Authority transportation dollars to the City. It has persuasive authority, which is not insubstantial.

Neighborhood Planning Unit-W will determine the best way to make such that there is public involvement in this process.

Once we learn more, it will be passed on.

Please note that Neighborhood Planning Unit-W also has created a Facebook page to disseminate accurate and current information regarding this application.

Thank you.

Mr. Gilgor, a resident of East Atlanta, is chairman of NPU-W, which represents the interests of East Atlanta, Ormewood Park, Glenwood Park, Grant Park, Woodland Hills, Boulevard Heights, Benteen Park and Custer/McDonough/Guice.


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Chris Murphy November 30, 2012 at 12:22 PM
This is like a 'Hail Mary' pass in football resulting in a touchdown: with the property's current industrial zoning, they could put anything they wanted in there (but no residential). Traffic concerns - a huge issue with the surrounding neighborhoods- didn't come up on the legal radar, until now. This is terrific news.
Sara Brown November 30, 2012 at 04:41 PM
this is a common threat - if you don't give the developer what it wants, they'll give you something to really cry about. Do you really think they'd be going through all this hassle if they could just do whatever they wanted without it? Seriously? I know in Edgewood we heard this threat, but the zoning requirements to transition from industrial area to residential require a big green buffer, and there was a tight limit in place on the number of curb cuts they could have. But with a handy comprehensive re-zone they magically were able to build 30 foot high brick walls on the lot line of people's back yards, and Mr. Fuqa even got a downhill driveway aimed right at the front doors of a church. So don't believe everything you hear. They wouldn't talk to you at all if they could skip it. Get a good lawyer.


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