2 lost dogs on eastland

hello, i tried to stop and help two dogs wandering down  eastland rd towards custer, one is a soft brown pitt with hazel eyes leather collar no tags... the other was a yellow possibly pitt mix with al leather collar and a tag although he would not get close enough for me to see tag, when i approached them, they started down skyhaven again but appear to want to head toward Custer, today at 2:45 pm
saraHooligan December 20, 2013 at 07:27 PM
does this look like the same dogs? found on Flat Shoals near Pasley today http://www.eavbuzz.net/forum/critters/two-lost-bull-terriers-found-on-flat-shoals-white-male-and-brown-female/?action=dlattach;attach=22225;image http://www.eavbuzz.net/forum/critters/two-lost-bull-terriers-found-on-flat-shoals-white-male-and-brown-female/


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